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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Derren Brown

Going to see Derren Brown's Enigma show tomorrow night. Am unspeakably excited about it and praying I can curb my enthusiasm and not come across as a complete stalker in front of my work colleagues. I think the whole appeal is his sheer intelligence, humour and dedication to what is quite obviously his passion. And annoyingly it's not just the mind control stuff that he's good at. He is also a very accomplished artist. So unfair...


Bleeding Heart Square by Andrew Taylor

Public Enemies

Went to see Public Enemies this week and absolutely loved it. The cinematography is gorgeous - very atmospheric and just beautiful in parts. In terms of a narrative though, it is quite odd. It feels a little bit like a bunch of set-pieces strung together. There are a number of unexplored characters who, at the same time, seem to have quite a bearing on John Dillinger's story. I don't know how historically accurate it is, but the period detail certainly seems very thorough. And it's gorgeous. Totally.

Oh, and did I mention that both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale look stunning?