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Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Duchess

Went to see The Duchess during the week, taking my Mum (couldn't help remembering that Jimmy Saville used to refer to his mother as the Duchess...)  Anyway, I thought it was fantastic and has got me itching to learn more.  I sometimes despair of ever learning about all the things I want to know about!  Keira Knightley was not as irritating as I usually find her (Atonement was quite hard-going thanks to her) and was totally convincing as the young duchess.
Have read quite conflicting reviews of the book on which the film is based, so think I might just borrow it from the library.  Annoyingly I have quite a backlog of books at the moment.  Trollope is great, but so LONG - I'm on page 530 of nearly 800 so imagine it will be another week before I'm done.  Then there's A Dance to the Music of Time which I desperately want to get started on.  Obviously I need to take a book reading holiday! 

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