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Sunday, 28 December 2008


What is it about a new year that suddenly makes resolutions seem achievable? Or Mondays for that matter? There is something about the prospect of a slate being wiped clean that is just irresistable. I get the same feeling when I come back from a holiday - even if it's just a weekend away. Suddenly I am all geared up for making a new start. I don't think it's because my actual life is so unbearable that I want to change it all. It's more like a challenge - can I change and become all those things I want to become? Can I have the lifestyle that I aspire to? Of course, the problem comes when what you have aspired to doesn't quite make the grade. And for me the thought of failure or making the wrong decision will more often than not prevent me from trying. It's the wrong attitude I know. We should never be afraid of trying. What, after all, is the worst that can happen. Ah, yes; the worst-case scenario approach. Strangely this is one that I am rather too fond of, although I usually find that even the absurdly worst-case scenario is not one that I fancy risking. It all boils down to a lack of confidence. If I do something and fail then won't that just knock my confidence even more? Well, yes, but at the same time, sitting on your tush never doing anything won't get you any further either. Surely one step forward with potential two steps back is going to get you somewhere quicker than never moving at all? And so, as we approach the new year, I am thinking that I will begin this week as I mean to go on. Treat this week as a trial run. Take pleasure in being a skinflint and enjoy trying to find healthy, low calorie, low fat foods. Look at it as an adventure - there are so many foods out there to try! And exercise can be fun too. Maybe I'll finally find the activity that I love. Who knows?

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