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Monday, 19 October 2009

A Circle of Sisters by Judith Flanders

Having finished Tomas in just over a week (pretty miraculous seeing as I felt no compulsion to pick it up) I am now back to reading something that I really want to read! This is a book I picked up in the amazing Oxfam bookshop just around the corner from where I work. Judith Flanders has an uncanny knack of writing books that I wish I had written - The Victorian House and Consuming Passions are both on my bookshelf. A Circle of Sisters is about, not surprisingly, four sisters, all of whom were wives or mothers of prominent Victorians/Edwardians. So not only should this book provide an interesting social history of two of my favourite periods of history, but also biographical anecdotes of Edward Burne-Jones, Stanley Baldwin, Rudyard Kipling and Edward Poynter. Flanders writing style is uncluttered and simple, as easy to read as fiction but without being simplistic. Brilliant!

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