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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pretty Woman at the Prince Charles cinema

 Some friends and I went to see Pretty Woman and the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square last night.  It's one of my favourite films and I don't think I had ever seen it on the big screen.  It was one of those really lovely cinema experiences when everyone there loves the film, the audience are all in-tune with each other.  Going to see a film you know is such a different experience to seeing something brand new.  At the start of the film I was wondering how much of it I would remember - and about ten minutes into the fim all of us found ourselves mouthing along to some of the lines.  And of course the music is fantastic!  The cinema were showing this as part of their 'Feel Good Friday' series and that's exactly what it was - we all came out of the film feeling really happy (and after the day some of us had at work, that was no mean feat!) and ready for the weekend.  Even on the train home we were still talking about it - and the chap sitting next to me (easily in his fifties) even joined in to say how much he loved the film (although for him it was Julia Roberts' smile that made it a favourite!

Of course, is made me want to go home and drag out all my old favourite films - Back to the Future, The Sure Thing, The Breakfast Club... and anything with Richard Gere in it!  There is something about him that is just so watchable.  Unfortunately, the only thing I have at home starring Gere is Chicago, and I wouldn't say that is one of his greatest moments.  So, I'm off to LoveFilm to stock up on Yanks, American Gigolo and An Officer and a Gentleman!

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